Monday, December 27, 2010

Structural Repair @ Bungalow, Bukit Damansara

Just another site visit with the our brilliant engineers. This time our subject property is a bungalow unit at Bukit Damansara *Rich man place ahem*
I always take pictures of this notice board. This board is full of important and useful information like who are the main contractor...archictect firms and so on... Hehe~

Occupational habit from previous job as valuer...always take pictures of road sign! LOL

Munn crawled in there before... and they don't let me in!! Although I am totally fine with it.
"You want to climb in?" 
"Yea~ why not??"
The building site plan
*Dangerous act. Don't imitate at home*
Look at the wall and can you tell it's a failure of waterproofing membrane? Cheap things are never good! Good waterproof system must be Structural Repairs!! Wuahahaha~~


  1. Wow. Sure you know about construction stuff a lot ya. Merry christmas ya!

  2. bacterium: I am from this industry what! Of course have to know my stuff! Hehehe~