Friday, October 15, 2010

Meeting Dr Cham Chun Yoong @ Fun OK, Taman Connaught

Welcome back to KL, Dr Cham^^
Cham is my high school friend since form 1 (Really 'Once upon a time...') in SMK Cheras till form 6 in MBSSKL. When we all separated after graduation, he flew to India to study medic. After few years, like all the doctors, he is sent to Ipoh to serve the general hospital for few years. It's never easy though to cope with this tiring and tension job. Keep it up Doc!! *He is gaining a lot weight, last time he was just fit and there's no DOUBLE CHIN 1!*
Here got another future 'Doc' that can't heal people 1! LOL. Wait until Terence Tan (his nick name is LEMBU) complete his PhD!

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