Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cousin Angelina's Church Wedding @ Ipoh

Congratulations again to my dear Cousin  Angelina Lee ^^
The Wedding Rings 
My cousin family is Christian and the wedding ceremony was held in an old church at Ipoh. What the church call?? Err... gotta ask my beloved cousin first!
My mummy and the pretty bride ^^
"My hubby reached already??"
Dear Ah Yi & Gu Zhang closing her veil
The most memorable day of a girl is the wedding day. No objection right?
No worry my dear cousin... your hubby won't runaway 1.. LOL
NCA 9033- The lucky numbers of the day!
My 'new' cousin in law!
"Close the door!!"
Get ready for the challenges by the sisterhood!
"What you girls want us to do??" One of the brothers started folding his sleeves already...
Take this box of beans (mixed with rice also), the painting paper and the UHU gum. Separare and stick the beans using UHU gum on the painting paper and form "I LOVE YOU" but one word one color!

The guys had to separate the rice, red beans and green beans first
Write I <3 U  with UHU gum....then stick the beans on it!

 The final task before he get to see the bride.
He had to sing a love song : )
They prayed to the GOD

My uncle started rolling tears already....
"Ah Ba~ Ah Mi~ Yamcha!!"
"Give you angpau ar..."

My mom become the tea maid liao~

The bride's flower...hmm...Im gonna Catcha~~!!
Da Jiu & Da jiu mu
Pek YiMa & Pek Yi Zhang

My baba mummy
Teng Teng Jie Jie & her husband
Happy Family

: )
自恋的鳄鱼 LOL
Camwhoring in car while on the way to church
The 100 over years church ^^

The lover bears <3

"In the name of God...would you marry Angeline Lee as your wife?"
"Yes, I do"
Now I announce you Husband and Wife
The Marriage Rite
One Piece of Promises for Eternal Love : )
The kids are so cute!!

 Photo sessions with family...
..the little girl looked so serious! Later give you candy ya~
Sin Mon, the newly wed couple and another cousin bro, Sin Fown
Sin Mon + King KOng (Lee Lit Kang!)
Only my parents and I attended this wedding because my sister was unable to take leave and my brother is 'prohibited' to attend any wedding this year.
Cute kid keep 'eating' his finger
The bridemaids
She is ready to throw the flower...my mother pushed me forward to grab the flower but...
This 'jie jie' said she WANTS IT! Well, since she is older than me (same age with my cousin...about 33??) , guess she is more desperate! Let you la~ let you! LOL
Nevermind... we still got each other!

trouver l'amour vrai

(Find Your true love)

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  1. Very touching ler.~~ Like the pic when the bride walked with her dad.. ^^
    The church is so beautiful~