Monday, June 21, 2010

Peel Off Rubber Mask

Recently I am so crazy about peel off rubber mask (I call it powder mask) and actually I do powder mask EVERYDAY after I shower or before I went to bed. I pamper my face (like doing SPA!) so much and other people don't understand it until they try it! 

This 3003 degrees Green Tea Modeling Mask was given by Windy Pang *yo~Lately she benefits me a lot leh!* as well as the Le'Masque Hazelia Aloe G5 Essence Gel
 I add in this essence gel with the powder plus a bit water. By google-ing more information about this soft/rubber mask on the internet, I found out that beside water (the most common  one), you can mix the powder with MIKL, toner, essence gel and any LIQUID that you can think of to PUT on your face! Of course, I don't encourage you to add with egg yolk la...that's a bit disgusting don't you think so? Although many girls do DIY Mask using eggs...but I personally don't really fancy that sticky yucky sensation on my face...
Usually people only able to enjoy this at beauty saloon but now I moved the beauty saloon back home! hohoho~ I shall post more about other rubber mask/3D mask/powder mask (so many names~) that I bought from Beauty Expo KL ^^


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    1. I get from the Magicboo @ Taman Midah, Cheras. Sometimes I saw these products in beauty fair too :)