Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Heartbreaking News: MH370 found in Southern Indian Ocean as well as my heart

Two bad news in a day?
I hope there's no lower bottom than this bottom...

"It's with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that according to this new data, Flight 370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean," Malaysia's Prime Minister said.

Here's how relatives of Flight 370 passengers learned the tragic news
For more info

What's another bad news?
 Well, pretty personal...
 ...I thought you were different.
 Reminds me of my old wound. It is not fully healed yet and sometime it tear open itself. I am sorry that because of the past I became extremely insecure and pushed my beloved one further from me.
 There's always lesson to be learned. You expect something? Expect disappointment.
Hurts me losing many of my pictures taken in New Zealand... and even hurt me more that something happened today. Both news shattered me. 
MH370 suspected to be found in Southern Indian Ocean and no one survived. 
And I am officially dumped.
I didn't know for which reason I cry harder. 
They are both heartbreaking.
x x (self hugs)

My Kiwi Experience: Kiwi 360 @ Te Puke

Sunny day in Te Puke. We got lucky :)

The giant Kiwi 360

BuayaJess & KissPing
BFF forever <3 br="">

The new arrived tourist acted like those villagers... never seen maple leaf before :p

Look old in Asia standard but still can act young in NZ :p
More dramas~~

kp/h coffee welcome you to Comvita Visitor Centre
Awww... sweet couple :)
Caught Shen Quang helping Emay to tie her shoe lace and snap snap!
Kissping, BuayaJess and Emay

I remembered taking a few shots of us eating the ice-cream but they seems to disappear now :(
Must be in the folders I stored in my previous failed hard disk...

Where are the other pictures I remember taken?? Gone with the God damn harddisk failure >.<
Don't rely on ASUS Notebook! Backup your photos or you'll be cursing like me >.<

My Kiwi Experience: Tauranga --> Te Puke

We experienced 4 seasons in a few hours on the road trip from Tauranga to Te Puke. Raining. Cold.  Sunny. Raining... Our shoes got soaking wet!

Hear boy!

Ping is satisfied with the gift she bought for her mom (even more satisfied with the free wrapping)

Pie time
Where's next?
Te Puke

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Kiwi Experience: Sky Lantern Event @ Wellington

 Roy found out this event on the internet and there's when we get to know Laura, Esther, Jordyn, Sam and the others. They all belongs to a Christian youth group called Primal. We were the only outsiders that night! lol
It was very windy that night (Wellington always does!) so we switches many places trying not to burn the sky latterns..
Eventually we found a less-wind (not windless) spot

Me x Roy Siemens

*Finger crossed*
I pray for my family's healthy, my career, Roy's study, our future to get together...

My Kiwi Experience: Jordyn's 21st Birthday Party @ Wellington

We were invited to Jordyn's birthday party at Laura's house.This time we brought a special guest from Hong Kong: my primary school mate Jasica Soo :)


J & J
Laura Sinclair~~ Became cinderella?

A very cute cake

Jordyn the Snow White

Happy Birthday Jordyn!

Amos, Jasica, BuayaJess, Roy and Laura
Lovely time together :)