Monday, June 16, 2014

My Kiwi Experience: Waikite Valley Thermal Pools Springs n Spa @ Rotorua

Had a good laugh when we passed by this Kowhai Motel. (Kowhai in Cantonese means Dog Pussy) I know.. I know.. it's pretty lame :p
However, that's not the main point. The main attraction in Rotorua is of course the hot springs!
We headed to this Waikite Valley Thermal Pools Springs after the big fat *unfinished* dinner *burp*. It was quite a drive. Dark and narrow... Luckily we had a very reliable driver. Credits to Shen Quang!! *Clap clap!*
8:30pm!! Everything close early in Kiwi-land....
Is that.... the MOON?! See! That's the problem with writing a travel journal after so long.. My limited storage brain couldn't recall so many details. That only means one thing.. take MORE PICTURES!!
Emay + Ping + Shen Quang

Buaya Jess *freezing*

Time to undress and deep-dip ourselves la~~~

There are more natural looking pools (and hotter) than this but I have no idea where are photos now. Sigh!
I remember taking more pictures of this place.. 
Somehow after so many trips, only now I learned a lesson.
and now I have difficulties organizing my pictures. Grrr!!

Ping + Buaya = BFF Forever la~~ <3 br="">
Sniff sniff.. Yeah! As if you can smell anything but the sulphur...

My Kiwi Experience: Fat Dog Cafe & Bar @ Rotorua

I am going to Myanmar in another 6 hours. 

I don't know how am I going to blog about all my trips since last year...from New Zealand (super delayed...) to Korea (pending), Japan (pending), Kuching (pending), Bali (pending).. and for now I haven't done packing yet (or not even doing it..) and not yet showered! lol

Anyway, I'm still trying my best to post my pictures on line before the hard drive failure happen to me *again* (My Pinky ASUS notebook gave me an heart attack in September last year..Only the 3rd month in New Zealand). This time I make sure I've burned my baby memories into DVD. Hopefully I won't have to suffer more loss...

Rotorua Motel at 19 Malfroy Road

The love swans (and whatever in between I assure you it's not condom lol)
We have indoor jacuzzi! But never had a chance to use it...

We didn't really have a chance to use this little kitchen.. because Trip Advisor said we MUST try Fat Dog Cafe & Bar

"A turkey never voted for an early Christmas" lol
Emay & her darling (both in red) checking out the menu

Hmm.. I love everything colorful
The appearance might turn you off. I advice you eat with your eyes closed. It will amazed you... will sooo much sugar!! Wakakakak...
 Big H! That's what you take after the order. lol

Big juicy burger x 2... and 4 Asian adults couldn't finish it. I wonder how our neighbor the 2 Maori girls finish 3 portions..
Let the feast begin :D

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Kiwi Experience: WETA CAvE @ Wellington

Busy busy busy~~ I am busy packing! I am going to Bali tomorrow for scuba diving^^
 In fact I never really unpack my luggage since I am back from New Zealand.. I went to Korea with my family for Christmas..then a few weekend trips.. and then 3 weeks in Japan till Mid April..

I really need to get rid of all my pictures on my blog ASAP!! 
Anyway this visit WETA Cave was quite fun (running in the rain to catch the bus back). My primary schoolmate Jasica came visit me in Wellington and she was staying at Roy's place.


My dramatic friends

Obviously Roy doesn't have steady hands :p

Friendship forever :)
I hope you found your happiness even I don't

Jasica Soo, Roy Siemens and BuayaJess
What happened between us? Long story cut short --> Guys can't do long distance relationship
*Maybe just him* :p